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Festival Forums

In 2018 and 2019 the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries organized the Festival Forums which gathered festival leaders and directors. They were the opening events of national networking in the area of Lithuanian festivals of all cultural and creative sectors.

The Forums aimed to gather festival organizers and directors, produce festival collaboration, review the questions of auditorium broadening, activity effectiveness, financial aid, economic instruments and many other.

The Forums attracted a broad range of participants – festival and creative directors, officials of state, regional, municipal government bodies on culture, financial funding and development.

The Forums initiated fruitful discussions, sharing good practice in festival organization, exchange of contacts and start of partnerships. The Forums drew a common position on festival organization and synergy with business and state institutions.

The key speakers of the Forum 2018 were Ms Rūta Prusevičienė, Director of the National Philharmonic Society, Member of the European Festivals Association and Mr Jan Ove Hafstad, Operational Officer, the Sweden Festivals Association. The Festival Forum 2018 covered the following topics – financial support, evaluation and publicity, initiatives of national and international networking. The Forum 2018 was partially supported by the Vilnius City Municipality. The partners were the European Festivals Association, the Lithuanian Festival Alliance and Vilnius Town Hall.

The key speakers of the Forum 2019 were Ms Valda Chošnau, expert and strategy adviser on sustainable business development, management and communication, Founder and Director of “Exitus” and Partner of “Vento Nuovo“, Mr Arnas Marcinkus. The Festival Forum 2019 covered the following topics – festival and tourism collaboration opportunities, sustainable development strategies, festival communication and marketing, joined representation and lobbying. The Forum was partially supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.