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Employment / Career Opportunities for Ukrainian CCI representatives

National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries – Lithuania aims to gather and collect information concerning employment opportunities of the Ukrainian CCI representatives in Lithuania and beyond. Below please find the list of useful websites, questionnaire forms, Internet platforms and initiatives in Lithuania and abroad created especially to provide assistance to the Ukrainian refugees representing CCI sector.

🔹 Questionnaire form of the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries addressed to the Lithuanian CCI representatives asking to provide information regarding employment opportunities of Ukrainian CCI professionals:

Questionnaire form >>>

🔹 Centralized design platform: employment of the Ukrainian CCI representatives in European Union:

🔹 Data base of advertising and design sectors:

Advertising and design data base >>>

Architecture and design companies data base >>>

🔹 Game development industry initiative:

Game Development Camp for Ukraine >>>

🔹 Questionnaire form: help to Ukrainian gamedevs – companies and organizations:

Questionnaire form >>>

🔹 Lithuanian film and TV industry data base:

Data base >>>

🔹 Film industry website: Help to Ukraine:

Filmmakers for Ukraine >>>

🔹 Lithuanian Employment Service:

Assistance to Ukrainians >>>

🔹 Lithuanian Government information for Ukrainian citizens:

LT Government for Ukraine >>>

🔹 Information of Lithuanian Ministry of Culture regarding help to the citizens of Ukraine in Lithuania:

Ministry of Culture: Help Ukraine >>>