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Our Association Joins the Mental Health Ambassador Initiative 2023

The National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries has joined the Ministry of Health Initiative named “Žvelk giliau” (Look Deeper). The initiative that was launched in April 2023 and is running until December strives to strengthen the society’s mental health literacy, reduce the stigma and preconceptions surrounding the topic, promote tolerance and as well as to support the mental well-being of yourself and others. The Association, together with the Ministry of Health, the Mental Health Center of the Institute of Hygiene and other partners, has joined forces to help destigmatize mental health-related challenges in schools, workplaces and communities. Along with the ongoing Mental Health Ambassador Initiative, until the year 2027 various other projects are planned to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, such as communication for social change campaigns and advocacy projects. Karolina Zakarauskaitė, a member of the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries, is coordinating the Initiative on behalf of the Association by gathering the ambassadors and organizing a special training for them. Together with the Association, she is implementing a publicity campaign to draw attention to the Project and its ideas as well.

The expert group on Health and Social Care is one of the five sectoral expert groups of creative and cultural industries that operate within the Association. You can find more information on the expert group and its members here: link>>>

In 2021 the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries took part in the Mental Health Forum organized by the Ministry of Health. At the end of the Forum, an agreement was signed to reach and assist the widest possible public in acquiring more knowledge, skills and positive attitudes regarding mental health, and to facilitate a more positive attitude towards emotional and psychological support or services and other initiatives aiming to improve the society’s mental health. The agreement, which is aimed to be implemented by 2030, was signed by the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries together with the Ministries of Culture, Social Security and Labour, Education, Science and Sport, Health, the Mental Health 2030 Coalition of non-governmental organizations, the NGO Confederation of Children, the Lithuanian Business Confederation, the Lithuanian Youth Council and the representatives of the National Association of Third Age Universities. Learn more >>>

For more information and an opportunity to join the Mental Health Ambassador Initiative that is being carried out by the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries, please contact Karolina Zakarauskaitė at