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Northern Dimension region draws opportunities for culture professionals

On September 2 – 3, 2021 in Riga the Board of Experts, Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture, gathered for a meeting where the Chair of the Board, National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries, Ms Živile Diawara and the Chief of the Creative Europe Desk Lithuania, Ms Dileta Nenėnė represented Lithuania.

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) is a governmental initiative of Northern region countries – Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation and Sweden. NDPC brings together national authorities, social partners, CCI practitioners and experts and works towards a stronger, competitive and resilient CCI sector. Northern Europe is rich in regard of cultural heritage, variety of national, linguistic, cultural and art expressions. The region develops a wide range of cultural exchange and cooperation opportunities, numerous professional networks in different sectors of society. NDPC highly promotes the role of culture and creativity in regional and international social and economic sustainable development, innovation, cooperation and diversity. NDPC gives special attention to a cross-sectoral cooperation on national and international levels. NDPC implements governmental and CCI initiatives of broadening cooperation opportunities and professional growth of cultural professionals, as well as experts of other sectors. NDPC proposes valuable insights and recommendations to national governments concerning political formation of education, economics, innovation, entrepreneurship, labour, health and social care, finances, copy rights and other sectors.

“The Lithuanian Association of Creative and Cultural Industries remains active, supports, benefits and highly values NDPC activity and networking since 2016. NKIKIA represents Lithuanian CCI in international community, communicates its requirements, shares good practices with experts, receives valuable information concerning financial measures in the Northern Dimension region, considers domestic context within international and many more. The Project aims to create and test the pilot financial measures of cross-sectoral cooperation of CCI professionals. NKIKIA’s task is to involve Lithuanian CCI in NDPC programs, communicate new prospects and opportunities to the NKIKIA members and seek continuation of tested measurements. In parallel NKIKIA focuses on attracting national policy makers to a continuing dialogue,” explains Živilė Diawara. “The Board of Experts aims to work out recommendations of how financial and collaboration measures should be applied in the Northern Dimension region. This is a very important task the international team works at currently.”

“I especially invite to follow the news of the Creative Europe Desk Lithuania concerning the Project and opportunities it opens for the period of 2021 – 2024. Meanwhile we have tested CCI and Health sector invitations, also mobility needs. These are the measurements especially prepared and adopted for CCI dynamics in the Northern Dimension region,” assures Ms Dileta Nenėnė, the Chief of the Creative Europe Desk Lithuania, representative of the Lithuanian Culture Institute to the NDPC.   

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NKIKIA project activities are partially supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council.