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Lithuanian Ministry of Culture invites representatives of Lithuanian CCIs to participate in the EU post-pandemic recovery initiative REACT-EU. 15.5 million EUR has been allocated for Lithuanian CCIs to help recover from Covid-19 pandemic and encourage economic growth. Vice-Minister of Culture Vygintas Gasparavičius and the Chair of the Board, National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries Živilė Diavara participated in the Lithuanian National Radio show “Morning Allegro”. They discussed the possibilities of REACT-EU financial tools aiming to encourage sectoral viability. Both speakers highlighted the amount allocated for the post-pandemic recovery of the CCIs and support received to accelerate the development of the CCIs, to make an active contribution to the sustainable growth of digital and circular economy. Recognizing the importance, uniqueness and imminent finality of the REACT-EU financial initiative (duration until 2023), the interlocutors discussed the possible continuation of the initiative as a response to its necessity, relevance and sectoral activity.

NKIKIA highly acknowledges the role of the post-pandemic economic recovery of the Lithuanian CCI sector. NKIKIA, especially its Economic Working Group, has done a lot of preparation work in the process of the initiative implementation, working closely with the Ministry of Culture, making recommendations to the REACT-EU tools, providing descriptions, evaluation criteria, assisting in a number of other issues and aspects.

The Ministry of Culture is launching three REACT-EU calls, each addressing different tool. The first call focuses on the development of circular economy services and products, digital products of CCI SMEs through investment in infrastructure for the development of CCI products (€4.16 million, applications open until 28 March). The second call, “Design Wings”, is dedicated to the development and deployment of design solutions to increase the production and supply of digital and/or circular economy products and services of SMEs (€0.79 million, applications open until 28 February). The third call encourages CCI sector to develop competitive cultural products through design, marketing solutions, digital/electronic platforms, audiovisual, virtual reality products and services (€10.55 million, open for applications until 21 February).

We invite you to listen to the show “Morning Allegro” of 4 Jan, 2022 from 1:00:00 to 1:19:50 min.

The REACT-EU calls can be found here.