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LITHUANIAn Culture Forum

Starting with 2016 the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries organizes the National Culture Forum which annually proves to be a public and supremely important demonstration of the dialogue and collaboration between policymakers and creative industry experts. The National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries views the role of the Culture Forum as an exceptional annual event which consolidates culture and creative sector, reviews and evaluates sector’s achievements and propagates its value. Culture Forum 2020 provided a panel discussion under the topic “Culture and Wellbeing”. Forum 2020 discussed the following topics: culture engagement in country’s wellbeing, culture sector role in health care, economic growth, innovation impact, education, country’s image and society’s identity, current issues and problem analysis. Earlier Forums were “Culture and Sustainable Development” in 2016, “Culture, cities and regions” in 2017, “Culture and Finances” in 2018 and “Culture and Innovations” in 2019. Forum 2021 under the topic “Culture and Education” will draw attention to integration prospects of culture and education policy, empowerment of culture and education system synergy and many other important and relevant questions.