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On November 25th the Lithuanian National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries (NKIKIA) presented the National Culture Forum, Culture in the Face of Extreme Change.

The Forum drew from the cultural sector’s experience in the broader society and examined a range of issues relevant to the sector. Amongst these were:

– Impact of the war in Ukraine

– Economic challenges

– State support

– Role of NGOs

– How soft-power can combat disinformation

– Mental health and resilience

– Support for Ukrainian and other refugees

The Lithuanian National Culture Forum is an important annual event influencing Lithuanian cultural policy. It enhances dialogue and cooperation between policymakers, cultural and creative industry experts and the cultural community in general.

The key speaker of the Culture Forum 2022 was Pier Luigi Sacco (Italy) – Professor of Economic Policy, University of Chieti-Pescara, Director of Policy AP, EIT-KIC Culture and Creativity, Senior Advisor to the OECD, Research Associate at CNR-ISPC Naples and metaLAB (at) Harvard Cambridge MA.

The Forum took place at the Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania.

The Forum was broadcasted live on NKIKIA FB account and the Lithuanian National TV platform. Please see the 1st part >>> and the 2nd part >>>

The Forum was organized in partnership with: Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania, Association „Kurybines jungtys“, Future Society Institute, the Lithuanian Design Association, Lithuanian Neighbouring Rights Association (AGATA), Vilnius City Dance Theater „Low Air“, Mental Health Arts Festival “Bonds”, the Lithuanian National Radio and Television, the news portal, and the creative communication agency “Pepper Agency”.

The Forum was partially financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Vilnius City Administration.