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Evaluation of Lithuanian artists’ Social and Creative Conditions

The National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries and the Future Society Institute under the initiative of the Lithuanian Culture Council launched a research “Evaluation of social and creative conditions of the creators”. The research aims to evaluate physical, social and financial conditions of the creators and cultural workers in Lithuania, effectiveness of the means applied by the Government in support of the creators and offer recommendations to the Governmental institutions of how social and creative conditions of the creators can be improved in Lithuania.

The first part of the research concerns the theoretical analysis of the Governmental decisions and documents, as well as financial methods applied by the Government seeking to improve conditions of the creators.

“We cannot be satisfied with the theoretical analysis of the documents only. The latter does not reveal the way the creators evaluate their own situation and efforts efficiency of the Governmental institutions to improve the welfare of the creators. That is why we launched the second stage of the research made of the questionnaire of the cultural workers and creators. The questionnaire aims to determine how the Lithuanian creators evaluate their own conditions”, – explains the Head of the research, Dr. Rusnė Kregždaitė.

The questionnaire is anonymous and open to every creator and cultural worker in Lithuania.