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‘Lithuania 2050’: Culture as the Engine of Future Change 

The National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries (NKIKIA), as a co-creator of State Progress Strategy ‘Lithuania 2050’, is delighted to announce that the country’s vision for the future has been officially approved!

On December 23rd of 2023, the Seimas accepted one of the significant decisions of this autumn session – affirmed the vision of Lithuania’s future (‘Lithuania 2050’), which will replace the previous State Progress Strategy ‘Lithuania 2030’. The State Progress Council, experts, representatives of the public sector, the community of academics and the NGO sector, including the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries, for almost 2 years has developed one of the country’s most important documents ‘Lithuania 2050’. We were involved in the Strategy development processes and actively participated in the ‘Lithuania 2050’ preparation workshops and discussions and represented the country’s cultural and creative sector.

The vision of the Lithuanian state is intrinsically tied to its cultural and creative dimension. The creative and cultural sector is poised for substantial growth in the global landscape, and it is essential that we earnestly consider this at the national level in order to proactively prepare for the forthcoming challenges and opportunities, says Edita Sabalionytė, Director of NKIKIA (‘Lithuania 2050’).

Thus, it is fundamental to keep up with international trends and to encourage even more substantial involvement of the population in cultural life, nurture their creativity, and create conditions for education, art and business collaborations, and the emergence and growth of talent.

‘Lithuania 2050’ will be implemented through the National Progress Plan – a detailed ten-year action plan. The implementation of the vision will be coordinated by the Government and overseen by the National Progress Council, consisting of public authorities, experts and representatives of civil society.

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