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Cultural influence and communication opportunities

In 2020 the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries implemented a project “Cultural Influence and Communication Opportunities”. The project aimed to enhance the understanding of cultural value in the Lithuanian society. The Association launched the project in response to the strong concern about the society’s attitude toward cultural value in economics, health care and education. The project aspired to raise the influence of creative and cultural work and activity and increase the understanding of the society about the added value of culture. The Association prepared the strategic guidelines of the cultural value communication, organized the debates of the representatives of cultural organizations and associations with the policy-makers, initiated work and activities of sectoral expert groups. The latters evaluated and proposed recommendations for strategic documents of national importance, initiated ministerial instruments and programs directed to the needs of the cultural and creative industries and cultivated cultural potential in welfare state.

The project firstly aimed to communicate the reception of cultural value in all spheres of society’s life. Secondly, it focused on strengthening the position of the creators and cultural workers and their communication with the society about the value of cultural work, activities and ideas.

The project was partially supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Neighbouring Rights Association (AGATA), the Lithuanian Publishers Association, Lithuanian Radio and Television and Association “Kūrybinės jungtys“ (Creative Links)