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National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries holds a tradition of informal morning meetings of the creative industry experts and professionals. At the end of a month, last Friday, Association members are invited for breakfast meetings alongside with everyone who is keen to learn more about Association and become its member. The sector news, latest tendencies, policy, research and financial issues, launching of new activities and projects are exchanged and discussed by the meeting attendees. Creative experts and professionals share their experience, challenges, solutions and good practice, establish new contacts and find collaboration opportunities. The breakfast meetings deepen Association community ties, broaden and strengthen its network. Association is used to hold live meetings where everyone draws a joy of live communication. Every time different Association member would host a meeting and invite others to get acquainted with a new location, activities and accomplishments of receiving organization. Everything has changed in 2020 and later because of the corona virus epidemic. Now creative experts, professionals and their companions gather for breakfast meetings virtually.